Biggest Life Mistakes You Should Avoid

Late afternoon and aganwati ya agan, ane want to share a bit of information for all of us and hopefully not ya .. and if repost, sorry ya brother ..

That ane sempet chatting fitting lunch at my friends office to discuss marital problems. And ane always Ajah so material jahilan office because my friends are still married Keith.

And ane always answered her lightly, do not want any hassle Myspace affairs select a mate. ane and why this story, because it relates the same 3 mistakes in our lives that was really to be avoided.

We often do not realize there are some things that turned out to be a big influence in our lives beyond, among'll discuss here ane gan.

Picking Education

Choose a major in college is often tinged pragmatic reasons. Easy to get a job, money, or images are the dominant reasons. It was certainly our experience when going to college. And most of us choose majors that do not fit our personality.

While still in high school of age often we do not understand the importance of the relationship between talent and selecting majors. No information from teachers or parents the importance of taking appropriate talent department. That comes to mind is how to have a degree and can work. For the parents-that is enough.

This is when we became aware we have undergone the course we have chosen for that reason. And since we've already entered the world of lectures that we do not like, then the interest was reduced and consequently seriousness sometimes many students who become eternal student expelled from the University or forced.

So for ane-ane roughly going to college, choose a major that does agan like and do not for reasons easy to get a job, money, or image agan majored in it because it would make agan forced to undergo courses that are already agan but do not take appropriate interest agan.

Picking Jobs

The difficulty of finding a job can sometimes make a person take any job that is in front of him. They do not care whether the work according to their ability and interest. It is one of the causes that make you feel stressed and depressed.

Feeling stressed and depressed is a sign that you are in the wrong career. Here are some signs that indicate you are in the wrong career path:

1. Did not enjoy the job
You see and feel success by how much you enjoy the job is run. The more you enjoy the job, even greater levels of success, and vice versa. Therefore, recognize your abilities and interests. Never choose a career because seeing other people succeed doing it.

2. Performance always decreases
Performance is an important factor of the development of one's career. If your performance is always decreasing and unproductive, then your career in the wrong place. Follow your passion in a career and do not hesitate to pursue it if it suits you.

3. Not satisfied with a role in the office
One key to a successful career is the job satisfaction that you live. Feelings are not satisfied with the role of the office and frustrated with work responsibilities is a sign that you be on the wrong career path.

4. Often stress
The amount of work and deadlines often make employees feel anxious and stressed. Working environment such as this can be bad for your physical and mental health. If such a situation, you should look for another job that can make you happy and excited

Picking spouses

Making mistakes is something that everyone can do. Whether it's a small mistake and a big mistake. Any mistakes made has its own consequences. We just take an example: We are one of the memelih Education and Employment as above. And most likely the above error can be redeemed with other things, eg: develop an interest and talent at a time when other and trying to find a new job in accordance with what we want.

But there is one mistake that can be fatal enough-in my opinion-that should not have happened if anticipated from the beginning. The error is miscast couples. This is fatal because after selecting the couple, we decided to live together with him. And when at last felt he had one pick and want to split up then it can leave scars and trauma for themselves and for others such as couples, large families and children.

Errors can occur because the couple chose the wrong love. Falling in love with a partner because their wealth, social status, or because of his physical appearance (that is definitely ane-ane already understand my taste). Love this one ultimately makes people live in pretense. Pretended to love when the heart is no longer love.

Then what if now felt he had the wrong pick? If it still courting stage of course we can decide. Then with a married whether directly divorce or separate beds? Eitss ... whoa. It should find out why. Cook immediately take a decision shortly.

Everything can be discussed. Some say this: The strength or robustness of a building is influenced by the base on which the building constructed thereon. So first we have to know is. on the basis of whether the relationships you built? Is it built on the basis of love or something else? If not for love try to love up today and when experiencing difficulties contact the professionals who can help.

As I wrote above mistake choosing this pair can be fatal. Therefore, those who have married it can be anticipated from the beginning so as not to bother in the end. For those who are married and struggling with this problem, immediately find the right help to save your marriage.